Rethinking Transportation

The Social License

Public perception can be a fickle thing. Behaviours, products, practices and technologies go in and out of favour all the time, and over the years, the morals and values of the majority change. Social acceptance of homosexuality, women voting, or racial integration was once deemed unimaginable but is now ubiquitous – a social license was …

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I Love My Car

I love my car… but not that much

Like it or not, autonomous cars are coming right around the corner, and even the most committed motorheads will soon see the (electric) light.

How Many Cars Do We Need

How many cars do we actually need?

RethinkX believes that within 10 years of widespread approval of autonomous vehicles, the vast majority of the population will give up individual ownership of vehicles for transportation as a service, provided by on-demand electric autonomous vehicles owned and operated by fleets.

A Million Mile Car

Why would you build a million-mile car?

It wouldn’t be a selling point for most consumers who average just 10k miles per year in their cars. Who wants a car that lasts 100 years? Could you imagine an advert for a car that lasts forever?