James Arbib

James Arbib is chairman of a UK-based family investment office with a diversified portfolio across all asset classes and a focus on the risks and opportunities of technology disruption. He is the founder of Tellus Mater, an independent philanthropic foundation dedicated to exploring the impacts of technology and its potential for solving some of the world’s most challenging problems.

He is the co-founder of RethinkX and has given keynote speeches at dozens of events including for BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, governments and corporations.

A graduate in history from Trinity College, Cambridge, he has a Masters in Sustainability Leadership, also from Cambridge. He is a qualified chartered accountant and worked as an investment analyst covering utilities.



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Ending the Age of Resource Scarcity Part 1 – Why mineral shortages won’t derail clean energy

Oct 4, 2021

It’s often believed that the clean energy disruption could be fundamentally constrained by resource scarcity in the form of insurmountable raw materials and mineral bottlenecks. Increasingly, some argue that it entails a net decrease in the energy available to societies, and therefore warn of an unavoidable decline in material prosperity …

Ending the Age of Resource Scarcity Part 1 – Why mineral shortages won’t derail clean energy Read More »

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I Love My Car

I love my car… but not that much

Oct 31, 2017

Like it or not, autonomous cars are coming right around the corner, and even the most committed motorheads will soon see the (electric) light.

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How Many Cars Do We Need

How many cars do we actually need?

Jun 14, 2017

RethinkX believes that within 10 years of widespread approval of autonomous vehicles, the vast majority of the population will give up individual ownership of vehicles for transportation as a service, provided by on-demand electric autonomous vehicles owned and operated by fleets.

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A Million Mile Car

Why would you build a million-mile car?

By and
May 11, 2017

It wouldn’t be a selling point for most consumers who average just 10k miles per year in their cars. Who wants a car that lasts 100 years? Could you imagine an advert for a car that lasts forever?

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Planes Trucks & Automobiles

Planes, trucks and automobiles – the future is not what is used to be

By and
May 3, 2017

In 1911, Ferdinand Foch, the supreme commander of the Allied Forces during World War I, once famously said, “Airplanes are interesting toys, but have no military value.”

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